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Your Home. Your Office. Your Choice. 

If you're feeling sick, need an energy boost, or simply want your skin to glow then let us come treat you. Get an on-demand IV treatments loaded with fluid & specific nutrients injected straight into your bloodstream for your body's highest level of supplementation. 

Backed by our experienced practitioner, we are here to help people all over the Salt Lake and Utah County region find the results they're after.  Goodbye to migraines, hangovers, flu, colds, chronic illnesses, food poisoning, & dehydration. Hello to glowing skin, hair, and energy like you've never had before. Best part, we can give this to you without you even having to leave your home.


Hours of Operation: 8:00am-8:00pm  But...


...can we still come to you outside that time frame?  Yes! We're essentially 24/7.  However, after-hour travel rates apply.   

Areas We Serve: Salt Lake County and Utah County  But...


...Can we still come to you outside that area?  Absolutely! We can visit nearly everywhere in the northern Utah region.  Nonetheless, out of area rates apply.