About Us


The Drip Family

Hey, we’re the Drip Family! We’re made up of highly trained and experienced nurses and firefighter/paramedics.  We work under the direction and license of our dedicated NP, Ronald Wing, who is committed to nothing less than excellence.

Every member of our family has years of full-time experience in their respected fields. We've come together based on a solid set of core values that we're not willing to compromise.  Each family member is revered as a top performer in their individual professions. We know that same level of care will be given to you.

Current Family Members:

Ronald Wing, Nurse Practitioner

Jameson Bangerter, Paramedic

Marsha Larson, RN

Alexis Gashler, RN

Laura Claflin, Nurse Practitioner

Katie Adams Spencer, RN

Josh Swenson, Paramedic 

Alyse Nelson, RN

Chase Berg, RN

Jillian Harmon, RN

Caitlin Spencer, RN

Scott Bringhurst, RN

Krystal Lazenby, RN

Jessica Boothe, RN

Courtney Salmon, RN

Aly Ball, RN

Cristina Berg, RN

Kara Bjorklund, RN

Nadia Bigney, RN

Nate Jentszch, RN

Andrew Leonard, EMT-Advanced

Megan Grayson, RN

Glade Johnson, RN

Landon Flack, Paramedic 

Camille Leonard, HR

Aaron Johstun, Atty