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The Drip Family


Hey, we’re the Drip Family! We’re made up of highly trained and experienced medical professionals. We work under the direction and guidance of our dedicated medical directors who are a committed group that settle for nothing less than excellence.

Every member of our family has years of full-time experience in their respected fields. We've come together based on a solid set of core values that we're not willing to compromise.  Each family member is revered as a top performer in their individual professions. We know that same level of care will be given to you.


Office Family

Landon F.

Managing Member

Jameson B.

Managing Member

Camille L.

Operations Manager

Olivia N.

Front End Manager

Kristin G.

Sales Manager

Carson B.

Digital Marketing Manager

Kennedy H.

Social Media


Heatherlynn P.


Laura B.


Ashlee W.


Kristen M.


 Paityn A.

Inventory Clerk

Aaron J.


Troy S.

Business Strategist

Cindy H.

H.R. Manager

Matthew G.

Risk Mgmt Manager

Medical Team

Medical Team

IV Specialists

Medical Directors

Steve B., MD

Jodi W., NP

Laura C., NP

Salt Lake County​​

Nadia B., RN

Darby H., RN

Chandler C., RN

Jessica P., RN

Kate A., RN

Becki B., RN

Tiffany C., RN

Kassidy B., RN

Erin J., RN

Utah County

Jessica B., RN

Kara B., RN

Emily B., RN

Jessica H., RN

Jessica P., RN

Megan M., RN

Megan W., RN

Yesenia H., RN

Weber / Davis Counties

Megan G., RN

Jennie S., RN

Teri K., RN

Liz O., RN

Andi B., RN

Annalee B., RN

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