Add more to your iv treatment for $25 per additive.

Looking to take your IV therapy experience to the next level? Look no further than our selection of IV therapy additives! Whether you’re looking for an extra boost of energy, a mood lift, or enhanced immune support, our additives are the perfect addition to any IV therapy treatment. From Vitamin C to Glutathione and beyond, our carefully curated selection of additives will help you feel your best and achieve your wellness goals.

Glutathione: “Mother of all” anti-oxidants, reduces inflammation and effects of stress.

Zinc: Crucial mineral that aids in skin, brain & mental health.  May also help glucose metabolism.

B12: Boosts energy, helps combat depression by regulating mood.  Aids immunity and anti-aging.

B-complex: Contains 8 different B vitamins.  Boosts energy, supports healthy digestion, skin & nerves.  Promotes growth of new red blood cells.

Magnesium: Important electrolyte.  Functions as nerve support, calms & decreases stress.  May help in reducing blood pressure, muscle pain and migraines.

Vitamin C: Essential vitamin that boosts immunity & fights free radicals.  Helps with collagen production, iron absorption and wound healing.

Biotin: Beneficial for healthy skin, hair & nails.  Can aid in supporting metabolism & adrenal function.

Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC): Aids in fat metabolism and reducing cholesterol; promotes liver health.

Zofran: Anti-nausea

Toradol: Powerful non-steroid anti-inflammatory to treat acute & chronic pain.

Benadryl: Anti-histamine.  Also useful in treating motion sickness.

Tri-Amino Blend (L-Arginine / L-Citrulline / L-Ornithine): Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. They increase blood flow, help to reduce blood pressure, and stimulate the release of growth hormone & insulin. 

Vitamin D3:   A vitamin known to promote healthy bones. It supports immune, brain, and nervous system health. Also a component to help regulate insulin levels. ​

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