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Beauty Drip

Beauty Drip

Talk about a glow from the inside out - our Beauty Drip is an excellent way to nourish your body and skin.  Not only will your cells thank you for the hydration boost, our mixture of B Vitamins (B12, B-Complex, & Biotin) have a cascade of beauty-boosting effects.  This drip will help reduce skin inflammation, dryness, and can be effective for treating acne and preventing other skin conditions.  The Beauty Drip also has antioxidant powers to promote healthy skin cell turnover and fight free radical damage.  We recommend adding Glutathione for further detoxification, and Vitamin C to help produce new healthy fascia.  Whether you’re getting ready for date night with your hunny, or a night out on the town with friends, try the Beauty Drip today - your skin will thank you.

Covid-Kind of



Ingredients include:

  • 1000mL NS

  • B12

  • B-Complex

  • Biotin

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