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Summit County
Summit County

Summit County

When you are looking for an in home, in office, or wherever your heart desires, IV treatment, we will be there for you! Summit county is known for its beauty and numerous outdoor activities. Whether you have had a killer day on the slopes, a crazy night out on the town, a treacherous hike, bad jet lag, or just aren't feeling 100% like you normally do, we can help! We have many different packages that we can customize to your symptoms. Need help recovering from a hangover? We got you. Need help overcoming the flu? We got you. Preparing or recovering from a marathon? We got you. No matter your situation or what you are trying to accomplish, we have something for you, Best of all, we come to you, in the comfort of your own home, hotel room, office, or wherever you are.

✔ Peoa

✔ Kamas

✔ Marion

✔ Oakley

✔ Park City

✔ Summit Park

✔ Snyderville

✔ Samak

✔ Francis

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