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Mood Booster Drip

Mood Booster Drip

Let’s be honest - who doesn’t love a mood boost?  Our Mood Booster drip is your go-to drip if you’re looking for some help turning that frown upside down.  Not only does our Mood Booster drip always come with a friendly, smiling nurse - it also is formulated with specific ingredients to help improve your mood.  For example, Vitamin B12 is involved in the synthesis of serotonin, an important chemical messenger that helps stabilize and improve mood.  Biotin and B-Complex help promote energy and a positive mood, and magnesium helps stabilize your mood.  Did you know that zinc is used to treat major depression and a deficiency can induce depression and anxiety?  The Mood Booster has a dose of zinc as well!  

Research shows that those with low levels of vitamins and minerals can experience depression and poor mood. Many people are deficient in vitamin D, which is integral in regulating mood and decreasing the risk of depression.  Further, decreased levels of Vitamin C in the system can cause fatigue and depression.  This drip covers all the bases! Try our Mood Booster today and let us help lift your spirits.

Covid-Kind of

This Drip includes:

1000 mL NS



Vitamin C




Vitamin D (IM ONLY)

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